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Discovery 1 Camping 

from 40€/pers. (min 4 pers. / camping pitch)

About us

4 Days. 1st contact with scuba diving, kayaking, paddle surfing and cycling; for the whole family.
  • 1st day)
    Scuba Diving Baptism (Full activity 2 h, Diving 20 min.)
    (Full activity 2 h, Diving 20 min.)
  • 2nd day)
    Kayak Excursion to Bañeras de la Rusa / Paddle Surf. With monitor.
    3 h
  • 3rd day)
    Bike Tour for the whole family without a guide.
    Activity duration 1/2 day
  • 4th day)
    Hiking for the whole family with a guide.
    Activity duration 3h